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Get your teens ready for the 100 deadliest days of summer 

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As the weather warms and spring is “bustin’ out all over,” parents of teens need to use this critical window of opportunity to prepare the newest drivers in their families for the “100 Deadliest Days” of summer. 

This period, stretching from Memorial Day to Labor Day, is marked by a significant increase in the number of automobile accidents involving teen drivers. As newly licensed drivers enjoy both increased leisure time and more frequent outings, a spike in traffic-related incidents and fatalities occurs. As such, parents need to do what they can to make sure that teen drivers are as prepared as possible to navigate the approaching summer months as safely as they can. 

The reasons for the season

Summer offers teens more free time and less structured schedules, resulting in more time on the road. This increased exposure naturally raises the probability of accidents. Preparing teens in the spring, when driving conditions are generally safer, can allow them to gain confidence, experience and skills in a controlled manner before they face the challenging summer driving landscape.

It is worth noting that the presence of peers in a vehicle has been shown to increase the risk of a car accident among teenage drivers. The festive mood of summer can often lead teens to make impulsive decisions that prioritize fun or social acceptance over safety. By addressing these issues in the spring, parents can set clear expectations and boundaries for their teens, discussing how to handle peer pressure and manage distractions effectively.

Spring months provide a perfect timeframe for parents to help teens develop advanced driving skills. This can include practicing in different weather conditions, understanding vehicle maintenance, and handling emergencies. Such skills may prove essential for preventing accidents during the summer when teens might face adverse driving conditions like rainstorms or unfamiliar rural roads.

Spring can be a busy time for teens, who may be preparing for end-of-year exams, transitions to summer jobs or college, etc. Yet, taking the time to learn advanced driving skills and otherwise become more experienced behind the wheel before summer arrives could be efforts that ultimately save lives.