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What are the most dangerous highways in RI?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers across the country tend to fuss about the state of their state’s roads. Yet, those who are in Rhode Island have undeniably valid reasons to complain. While Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, it also has the distinction of having the worst roads in the nation.

In particular, there are several dangerous highways that Rhode Islanders have to contend with. Knowing where these dangerous highways are may enable drivers to take extra safety precautions on these roads.

I-95 in Rhode Island

I-95, a major highway running through Rhode Island, is notorious for its dangerous sections. This is a high-speed interstate that runs the length of the eastern seaboard. The influx of traffic as people travel through the state increases the danger of this stretch of roadway. With six fatalities in 2020, this is by far the most dangerous stretch of road in the state.

US-44 in Rhode Island

US-44 is another important road in Rhode Island that requires careful navigation. Drivers should remain vigilant when traveling on US-44, especially during peak hours or in adverse weather conditions. This particularly true near Putnam Pike, which is the most unsafe intersection on this road.

SR-122 in Rhode Island

SR-122 has unique issues such as sharp turns, congested areas or poor visibility, which can increase the likelihood of accidents. Two specific areas that are problematic are the area near Lonsdale Ave. and the one near Hamlet Ave.

US-1 in Rhode Island

US-1 is a major route in Rhode Island known for its heavy traffic and complex navigation. The road’s design, traffic flow and intersections can pose challenges to drivers, potentially leading to accidents. The intersection near Post Rd is one that’s particularly dangerous.

SR-1A in Rhode Island

SR-1A, another significant road in the state that has its own set of dangers. It can be tricky due to factors like narrow lanes, sharp bends or areas with high pedestrian activity. The most dangerous portions of the road are near Allens Ave, Newport Ave and Beach St.

While drivers might need to exercise extra vigilance on these roads, crashes can occur anywhere. Victims of wrecks caused by other drivers may opt to pursue a compensation claim. Because state law strictly limits the time available to file that claim, it behooves victims to work with someone familiar with these matters as proactively as possible.