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3 factors that put motorcycle riders at risk

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As the days get longer and brighter and the weather becomes warmer, more motorcycle riders will get their bikes out of storage. The switch over to two-wheeled transportation will come up with an increased degree of personal risk in traffic for those who travel in this way.

Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer severe injuries than the occupants of enclosed vehicles during a collision. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that motorcycle riders very carefully adhere to best practices and traffic laws while actively avoiding the biggest safety issues on the road. The top three causes of motorcycle crashes are all matters that motorcyclists can adjust their behavior to better avoid.

1. Alcohol or drug impairment

Intoxication is a concern both when someone on a motorcycle drinks and when they encounter others who have overindulged. Alcohol plays a role in almost half of all motorcycle crashes. Motorcyclists should prioritize remaining clear-headed for their own safety and give drivers who seem impaired at the wheel as much space as possible on the road.

2. Distraction

Most motorcycle riders would never dream of pulling a phone out of their pocket at an intersection to check a text message, but they will cross paths with dozens of drivers engaging in that type of unsafe behavior. Distraction on the roads only intensifies the risk that drivers will fail to notice a motorcycle near them in traffic. Watching for drivers who have their phones in their hands or who are clearly mid-conversation and giving them more space could help keep a motorcyclist a bit safer.

3. Excessive speed

There is nothing quite like the rush of the wind around a motorcycle or the thrill of expertly maneuvering through traffic. Many people chasing that sense of exhilaration will increase their speed to unsafe levels. Those riding at high speeds on motorcycles are at increased risk of losing control or being unable to stop when another vehicle does or there is something dangerous in the road ahead of them.

Every ride on a motorcycle involves someone taking their life in their own hands, which means that riders should make safety their main focus. Learning more about the top causes of motorcycle crashes can help those getting ready for their next ride to better prioritize their own safety.