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Why do Rhode Island drivers rank among the worst in the country?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Despite being the smallest state in the country based on area, Rhode Island is a very developed state with thousands of miles of roads. Drivers may commute out of the state for work opportunities, and many people enter or cross through Rhode Island while doing business or traveling in New England.

Compared to places like New York, you might imagine that Rhode Island has relatively safe and well-respected drivers. However, at least according to Twitter users, Rhode Island may actually have the worst drivers in the country.

What online research revealed

A study conducted by a junk car company looked at the comments people made on social media related to drivers in specific states. After reviewing more than 250,000 tweets, Rhode Island performed the worst of all states. A shocking 71.02% of drivers had a negative view of Rhode Island drivers. Mississippi and Virginia rounded out the top three states where drivers have bad reputations.

What does this mean for you?

Recognizing that there is a bias against Rhode Island drivers could help you in two ways.

The first is by reducing the bias you would face personally after a car crash in another state. Instead of immediately identifying yourself as a Rhode Islander to the other driver or the police officer, you may want to instead focus on the details of the crash. That way, other people won’t let their personal bias influence how they perceive you or the crash.

The second is that it may be making you more aware of how dangerous it can be to drive in Rhode Island. While you may trust your own driving skills, you will cross paths on a daily basis with other drivers that people across the country apparently considered to be the worst in the nation.

Those concerned about a crash may want to refresh themselves on defensive driving techniques or go back over their insurance coverage to ensure that they will have adequate protection if they do experience a collision. If all you carry is the minimum insurance required by Rhode Island state law, you could end up very vulnerable in a crash where a driver without insurance or with a bad policy is to blame.

Being realistic about your potential risk for a motor vehicle collision can help you avoid a crash and better protect yourself after one.