$1,000,000: Motor Vehicle Accident - Personal Injury

Client in coma as result of accident.

$100,000: Auto Accident Policy Limit Case - Personal Injury

Client became injured in a rear end car accident that occurred on the highway. The client knew the other driver was at fault, and was able to obtain the other driver's insurance information. Initially the client wanted to work out the case without an attorney. Despite trying, she was not able to reach an agreement with the at-fault driver's insurance company for her hospital expenses and other damages caused by the injuries. Bills were mounting and she did not know where to turn. After hiring our law firm, we reached a fair settlement with the insurance company and they agreed to take care of all her bills. We then demanded every dollar that was available under the client's policy limits or we would take the case to court. Faced with the possibility of litigation, the insurance company eventually settled with our client and paid every dollar (100,000.00) under the policy.

$100,000: Motorcycle Accident - Personal Injury

Defendant found not guilty of First Degree Murder - Criminal Defense

Defendant was charged with brutally stabbing another man after a fight broke out in Providence, RI. Two other co-defendat's opted to plead guilty and are facing lengthy terms in prison. Defendant opted to take his case to trial and was ultimately found not guilty notwithstanding the fact that the victims blood was found on the defendant.

Federal Drug Charge: Delivery in excess of 100 grams of Heroin and Fentanyl: Client sentenced to NO JAIL - Receives 3 year prob - Criminal Defense

No jail for client charged with Delivering over 100 grams of Heroin.

Federal Tax Evasion: Probation & NO JAIL - Criminal Defense

Client, owner and operator of a temporary employment agency, alleged to have withheld/failed to account for nearly $1million in taxes, charged with tax evasion in viol. Of 26 USC 7201 and wilful failure to collect and pay federal employment taxes in violation of 26 USC 7202.

$160,000: Motor Vehicle Accident Policy Limit - Personal Injury

Fraud and Embezzlement Charges Against School Teacher: Case Dismissed - Criminal Defense

A decorated and extremely popular Johnston High School teacher was charged with forging a check and embezzling funds that were earmarked for a school field trip. The charges were instigated and brought by a school committee member who had political differences with this particular teacher. The teacher is in charge of many field trips and dedicates a majority of his free time to organizing and planning them. The charges were dismissed after we were able to demonstrate that there was no intent to commit a crime and that politics were playing a larger role than the actual law. As a result of this dismissal the teacher was able to resume his employment as a school teacher - a position that he had held for 30 years prior.

$50,000: Motor Vehicle Accident Policy Limit - Personal Injury

Passenger in vehicle that lost control.

1st Degree Child Molestation: Charges Dropped - Criminal Defense

Client charged with 1st-degree child molestation (capital offense-- punishable by up to life in prison) released on bail and Gov. subsequently dismissed the charge against him via a No Information filing.